Friday, November 8, 2013

Scott Ott, Matt Croslis and Tom Muller. Three men and a job.

      Here is what I see:  So Croslis endorsed Ott over Muller. And why not? It would be easier to paint the entire reasoning as political payback, but.......

     To me it makes perfect sense. Matt Croslis has repeatedly shown the ability to walk a fine line and accomplish what he wants at the end of the day. I talked to Matt Croslis on the Friday after the election. I informed and confronted him of unsubstantiated rumors far worse than the ones you have seen in other blogs.
   Love him or hate him, people can call it whatever you want, but having worked for Matt, I believe every move he made, he made in good conscience. He told me when he applied to be Executive when Don Cunningham first resigned, that he wanted to get in and do the right things, the things that needed to be done, knowing that he could do it free of worrying about running for the office.
    Now he lost to Bill Hansel that time, but he also gained opportunity. When Republican County Chair Wayne Woodman needed someone to do legal battle on Glenn Eckhart's behalf, none other than former Republican municipal judge candidate Melissa Pavlack was among those in the R party to point him towards Matt Croslis. At the time, Dems didn't really mind, because any opportunity to prod D.A. Martin with a pitchfork was welcomed. Croslis won the legal argument, Eckhart kept his duly elected position, and Matt Croslis earned respect from all sides.
   You can't begrudge a guy for playing the cards he was dealt better than anyone else. After Bill Hansel's death, Croslis had the inside line to the Executive office. The Wayne's World Commisioner's saw Matt Croslis as a guy they could work with, and who had won a big one for one of their own, Glenn Eckhart.     

    I am not happy that Matt Croslis has endorsed Scott Ott. But we can agree to disagree. I know more about Scott Ott's life than I ever wanted to. I also admit here and now that I know a little bit more about Tom Muller than anyone expects. There were those, when Tom switched parties and showed interest about running for office, wanted a thorough background done.

     What too many people don't want to admit, or even accept, is that while it helps to be a nice guy in the business world, to be successful sometimes you have to be a hardass. Tom Muller has been, and is willing to make hard decisions and be accountable for them. Matt Croslis is and has been willing to do that. Scott Ott? For a guy who calls himself a "Great Communicator" all he seems to do is baffle us with Bull Sh#t.
    Because I respect them, I would go to the wall for Tom Muller, and Matt Croslis. But Scott Ott?
    He won't even admit that he never repealed the 16% hike in property tax that he ran on getting rid of back in 2011.
        I can't remember who said it, but "Success has many Fathers, Failure is an orphan" comes to mind everytime I hear Scott Ott speak. Mr Ott has yet to accept, or even acknowledge his failures. It is also ironic that Ott touts his semi-orphan hood, reminding voters of lessons he learned in life as being taught by his grandparents who raised him.

       I talked to Matt Croslis on Friday, and we looked each other in the eye. I believe him without any doubt when he tells me he endorsed Scott Ott without any strings attached. He also told me straight out that there is absolutely ZERO truth to whispers that he gave Ott the endorsement because present Lehigh County Republican Party chair Wayne Woodman promised to financially back him against Jim Martin for District Attorney in the Republican primary of 2015. All Matt Croslis had to do was change parties, and Matt tells me that will not happen. Matt Croslis tells me that all the claims that a deal was struck are fiction. I have done work for Matt Croslis, and I respect his word.
    As for the motivations and sources behind the rumors and accusations? I have my suspicions, but no evidence. But I have a feeling eventually, as in all things, the truth will reveal itself