Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It is Weathertainment Time!

  It isn't Weather. It isn't Entertainment. It is Both! It is Weathertainment time!

When I was growing up a long time ago, back when there was such a thing as a portable black and white TV, The Weather was pretty cut and dried. At the end of the news, an old guy would come out and review the weather, and give us a forecast. This guy was amazing, because he was right a lot. This was in the late 1960's, and they didn't have weather radar or computer models like they do now. He stood in front of a big board with numbers you had to change by hand.

   It was what you might call, OLD SCHOOL!

      But nowadays Weather is much more complicated. All TV stations have Computers, Blue Screens, and the latest and fanciest of graphics. Not only that, Weather is now a BATTLE FOR SURVIVAL!

      No matter where you look, It is all about Imminent DOOM! Whether it be a Snowpocalypse, A Hurricane, or Flash Flooding, Weather is out to get you, and it is scary!

    The newest catch phrase is POLAR VORTEX! It does not surprise me at all that some prankster created a fake SyFy channel Movie poster SHARKNADO VS POLAR VORTEX!  The premise has the Sharks from the Tornado battling it out with Polar bears from the Vortex.

    My point is, the media, as usual, has taken this too damn far. Like everything else, they continue to blow every minor weather possibility up to the worst case scenario. They are dumbing down the populace and numbing everyone for when the weather occasionally is going to be bad.

    Fortunately here in the Lehigh Valley, we have WFMZ-TV channel 69, with the always entertaining Ed Hanna. When Ed isn't entertaining us with the weather, he is helping host the Freddie's at the Easton State Theater. It is only a matter of time that Ed starts singing the weather. One of these days it is going to happen.
      But the best part of WFMZ newscast is that Kathy Crane does the 6 PM weather. Why, God only knows, but only Kathy could come out one day wearing a dress that matches a psychedelic couch design, and then the next day wear enough metal over a black outfit to make you think she was auditioning for a part in Wagner's Flight of the Valkyrie.

    Anyway, the weather is no longer "Just the facts ma'am" as Jack Webb would say on Dragnet. It is several minutes of infotainment everyday at 15 minutes past the hour. And I have to admit, it's not so bad.


  1. So unfunny. Don't quit your day (and night) job.

  2. Well said.

    The Banker

  3. only you would make fun of Cathy Crane one of the most decent polite woman I have ever met.

  4. If Hanna had his hands tied behind his back he would not be able to talk.
    In another life he would be conducting a symphony.


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