Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mayor Pawlowski moves on

Word on the street is that ATown Mayor if he wants for life Ed Pawlowski is getting out of the PA Governor's race on Monday and backing State Treasurer Rob McCord.
     I think it is a shame that the Mayor couldn't raise the money to give it a decent shot. For all his detractors, here is the thing: He has greatly improved Allentown's future prospects. It is easy to deride someone who is seen as an outsider, and who frankly, doesn't have an appreciation for some of the little known History of the city. But I have come to see that as something of a strength.
    For one minute, take a look at what was accomplished under Ed Pawlowski's tenure so far. We have Coca Cola park, an end to the pension crisis, and a revitalized downtown. I agree that the methods have caused a great deal of consternation to many, but I quote the great Roman General Marcus Aurelius: "You are Born, and then you die." To me, that translates as, don't sweat the small stuff. What can anyone tell me about Allentown 100 years ago in 1914? What do you think they will know about Allentown 2014 in the year 2114? It won't matter to them. They will be dealing with the here and now just as we are.
     One of the sad things I have noticed about todays generation is a general disregard for recent or all history, which I believe is a detriment to all. But the point is Allentown is letting go of the past, to move into the future, as it should. These journeys are not always smooth, and part of the wonder in getting to a better future is enduring the hardships along the way. True leaders, like them or love them, make hard decisions that anger people. Ed Pawlowski has done that. I do not like the way he gets to where we are going. the Homeless issue is another I feel he falls short on. But Ed Pawlowski, for better or worse, does lead, and that is something the Republican Party does not know how to do.


  1. King Edwin will relinquish his throne to allow recent WAEB contributor Bill Villa a turn at the helm. The days of ruling the blogosphere will be exchanged for progressive liberal policies coming hard and fast from a man who the local media and justice system have tried to silence.

    He will build upon Pawlowski's legacy driving the Queen City into a new platinum age unforeseen by the dour masses.

  2. Agree that Pawlowski has improved the city. Disagree that anyone should expect him to make this progress by making everyone happy. Disagree that history should influence what happens in the here and now.

  3. You forgot to mention the taxpayer-funded $ 177.1 million dollar Palace of Sport.

    Get your season tickets before they are all gone, Comrade.


    Soviet Red Army (ret)


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