Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why the Tea Party idiots have to go

Mazziotto, Scheller and Ott. Three of the most illiterate, uninformed idiots to ever serve as Lehigh County Commissioners.
   Their refusal to allow the Lehigh County Authority to bid on the Allentown Water lease is a historically bad decision.They are willing to allow all taxpayers in Lehigh County to absorb exorbitant water rates to make a point. In ten years they will be gone living on their government pensions while all of Lehigh County Foots the bill.   How shortsighted do these three idiots have to be to make a point? They are adamant about tax increases being bad, but support a reassessment process that crucifies property owners at the low end of the scale. Now they refuse to allow changes to a charter that will allow Lehifg County Residents to afford water over the next 50 years...When I check their PAC expense reports, will I see money from the bidders that qualify for the Allentown Water giveaway? Anybody wanna bet?
   Scott Ott is already accepting money and endorsements from for profit  enterprises he views as friendly.. These people represent no one but themselves. Shiny, glossy reform mailers be damned. These people are not about reform, they are all about ideology and protecting theirdonors, Remember that at the ballot box.

Where my thoughts come from.

Tonight I watched a "Big Bang Theory" episode which dealt wtth how a major character dealt with his absentee father, who abandoned him and his mother when he was nine years old. I was abandoned by my biological father at less than 5 months and raised by my great aunt and Uncle.  My Mother did this out of love, at the age of 18. I thank her for it, because I have always known who she was, and what she sacrificed for me to have a better life for both of us. Maybe the world is a better place because of my existence, maybe not. But I believe that Government should have no control over personal decisions, including the decision of whether or not to have a child.
   Government has no business in deciding what is or is not moral. And when I look at the list of elected Government officials using their power for personal agendas, I am further convinced that all moral choices should be left to the individual. As a whole, I see no level of government, Federal, State, or local, acting morally. So why let them be our moral guidepost?

    Reality is that our elected officials, with few exceptions, only act in their own best interests, not that of those of us they are supposedly serving. Maybe in November of 2013, or even in May, the electorate may move to change all that.

  I am running an algorithm on the prospects of a ten person race for Allentown City Council. The first results  were absolutely outside the box, with 4 incumbents losing. So I am running it again. I will post about it soon. With all the challengers at the city, Township, and County level, one thing I am sure of is that voters are ticked off. To what degree remains to be seen. Friday I am having a vision exam. I hope that helps make my vision clearer, but I can't help the rest of you......Yet.