Saturday, August 24, 2013

So Friday, I get a call from my Congressman Charlie Dent

  Yes it was an automated call, but it was a call. It invited me to come to the railroad station in Kutztown at 1:00 PM on Monday, August 26th for a Town Hall meeting. It is taking place at the Railroad station in the 100 block of Railroad street. I am a registered Democrat, my Congressman is a Republican. But my Congressman is also the rightfully, legally elected representative of Pennsylvania's 15th Congressional district, and I respect him. I do wish we had a member of my political party as a representative, but I respect the opinion of my neighbors, and I respect Mr. Dent. I have approached Mr. Dent and his office numerous time with issues that are personal to many of my fellow veterans, and he and his office has always done their best to resolve them. I honestly believe that Mr. Dent is not a "PARTISAN" member of Congress. He represents ALL the people of the 15th fairly. There are times I wish he were more in tune with my views, especially when it comes to healthcare, but I will not disparage a man who takes the time to hear and discuss differing points of view.
    Anyway, Monday, August 26th, there is a Town Hall meeting with our Congressman in Kutztown. I encourage all of you to go, because I will be hard at work in a warehouse, earning money to pay my share of our staggering debt.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Not Neccesarily the news....or is it?

         If you ever want to read a great story on just how all the media goes about manipulating us read this story about how ESPN uses questionable stories to create a news cycle about an issue that has no importance whatsoever. ESPN created a BULLSH#T story about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick completely out of thin air.
        And what should really get you thinking about the mainstream media is a news story today that NBC Television has an episode of "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" coming out this fall that has a White Chef based character based on Paula Deen, shooting an unarmed young Black man who she perceives as following her on the street. NBC admits the young black man character is based on Trayvon Martin, who was unarmed when killed by George Zimmerman in Florida last year. They are even PROMOTING the episode already. Read about it here.
        So we have one national media outlet creating news, and another using news to create so called "Fiction." 
   Am I the only one to wonder just how blurred the lines really are? NBC is plainly smushing together two real events to create a fictional story that will raise ratings for a show and earn them money.
   Meanwhile, ESPN is using real people to create events and situations that are really nothing but the opinions of their sport personalities to drive a news story they created, raise ratings, and create revenue.
         So what is news, and what isn't? Can anybody tell the difference anymore? What is news, and what is not?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Why did Scott Ott resign his job in April of 1995?

  On April 4 of 1995, Scott Ott resigned his job as a Part time School bus driver in the North Kansas City School district. On April 14th, at an executive session of the school board, he was given his job back. At the time, Scott Ott was the "Pastor" of the Siloam Springs Baptist Church in  Excelsior Springs Missouri, located in the 400 block of Benton Avenue in Excelsior Springs.
    According to transcripts at the Midwest Bible College in Kansas City, Scott Ott only accumulated 57 0f the 81 credits needed to earn a degree in Divinity. I spoke to a gentleman by the name of Earl McElwee, who is presently the pastor of that church. He told me that Scott Ott was well liked by the parishioners, and that they were sorry to see him go. I interviewed three people who were working as Employees at the North Kansas City School district at the time  of his resignation/reinstatement, and what they told me about him and his attitude at the time gave me pause. So before I write something that could be, for all intents and purposes, taken out of context, I would like to give Mr. Ott a chance to give his side of the story. Why did he resign, and under what circumstances did he ask for reinstatement? What really happened? Mr Ott has not even mentioned on his resume that he was a pastor of a church. Mr. McElwee explained to me that you don't need to be an ordained minister to be a pastor as a Baptist, if the congregation accepts you.
       Mr. McElwee also told me that Scott told them the reason he was leaving was that he was homesick.
   This is relevant because Mr Ott wants to run Lehigh County. In my opinion he bailed out on a church in a dying small town, and acts like it never happened. It isn't even on his resume. So what were the circumstances? I ask this because he moved from Excelsior Springs with his wife to an address in Independence Missouri after leaving Excelsior Springs, and for the first time, registered to vote in 2000. He didn't go back to Pennsylvania, he just moved to another county. A check of state voter records shows that Scott Ott lived in Missouri from 1993 to 2001, but only registered to vote once, in the 2000 November election. That vote was cast as being registered from an address in the 9500 block of Winner Street in Independence MO. I asked the Election office in Liberty Missouri to check his name against all records statewide, and that is all they had. Once again, much like Mr. Ott's many addresses in PA, the Winner Street address appears to be a short term rental.
     Who is Scott Ott, and why doesn't he want to own property? These are fair questions. maybe Mr. Ott has a good explanation. Here is a chance to give it.
   And before anyone starts ranting incoherently, let it be known that I spent three days IN the KC area interviewing former coworkers of Scott Ott and checking his employment records. I even visited the offices of the Excelsior Springs Standard, and talked to a 80 something young women who has worked and lived in Excelsior Springs all her life, including more than 60 years at the newspaper.
   She pointed me to several people in town to Interview concerning Mr. Ott's time there, including Mr. McElwee. I believe my sources are telling me the truth, but before I post their version, I want Mr. Ott's side. Excelsior Springs is a beautiful little   town, but it is on the decline.  I just want to know why he stopped trying to achieve his Divinity degree, and why he bailed on Siloam Springs Baptist Church. If he bailed on them because things got to tough, how can we be sure he won't bail on Lehigh County when it gets rough here? People gave Don Cunningham hell for walking away, will they be just as tough on Scott Ott?