Friday, January 11, 2013

Yeah, I started posting again.

    It didn't take long for the email to fill up once people realized I was back at it. I never really stopped. I wrote posts all the time, I just didn't publish them. Much of that was I didn't feel like taking sides on some issues, and part of it was a growing feeling of powerlessness on my part.
    I think our Government is broken. The politicians are polarizing, and the media spurs on the hatefulness for ratings sake while simultaneously (and Hypocritically) decrying it.
    All I can do is give my point of view and try and offer it in a reasonable manner. I've reached that point in life after 50 that I don't really give a damn whether people like what I think or say or not. I'm going to speak and write what I think is the truth, and you are free to diagree.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why the Allentown Water question matters to the rest of Lehigh County

I am a firm believer in representative Democracy. I also am a firm believer in the right of the governed to enact legislation through the ballot box by initiative when the public feels those they have elected to govern don't adequately address an important issue.
   At this point, I will not give a view on whether or not I agree with either side in the issue of whether or not the Allentown water organization should be privatized, or leased.
    But I will point out an inconvenient truth or two. One is that a private operator more than likely will raise rates to recoup their investment, indirectly causing issues for suburban water customers of the Lehigh County Authority. If you don't believe that could happen READ THIS
   And I just don't mean homeowners, I mean industrial users as well.
    Time after time, I hear from many of my suburban neighbors that they think whatever is happening in Allentown Government has no effect on them. The same people who close their eyes to Meth labs in the Suburbs like Lower Macungie wishfully pretend that all issues stop at the Allentown City line. But that is not true.

     The Lehigh County Authority purchases quite a bit of water from Allentown so that those living in McMansion land can have a nice hot shower and flush their toilet all day long.  The suburbs do have a dog in this fight, but they have been ignoring it. They won't wake up until the for profit people raise their rates substantially years down the line, when it is too late

   Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski has at least tried to find solutions to funding problems in the city.
    I don't always agree with him, but I respect him. Do you think cutting services is a better solution?
    It is easy to criticize the man when you don't have a solution of your own. Personally, If I still lived in Allentown, I would be against the 50 year lease. But I don't have an alternative to the pension fund crisis, and I don't know what I would do. This is comparable to what our Walking dead County Commissioners are doing, just it's from the Democratic mayor of Allentown.
     I give all sides credit for trying to do something, whether I think it is right or wrong.

    But on the water issue, I won't be surprised if when the campaign finance reports go online, I see a whole bunch of money being given to both sides from sources outside Allentown.
    For the private operator it is about profit, and for the public, it is about control of a vital resource.

   And that is where the money will start talking. There are three Upper mac industrial tenants that I can name right off the bat that use Lehigh County Authority water at their facilities, Coca-Cola, Nestle Waters, and soon Ocean Spray.  How do you think rising water rates would push their bottom line?
     There are going to be some big players putting money into the water ballot issue. Don't doubt it, this is going to get even messier down the road.

    So the question is, do you want to see Allentown meet its' safety forces pension costs in the short term, by having the costs for those pensions spread out across the County to residents and industrial users outside the city?
    Or you can be against the privatization/lease, and tell the Mayor to find another solution.
    What is the best answer? When you think about what rising water rates might mean to three large companies that employ thousands, you start wondering what the right answer is, and what we think is best for all.

  Puts it in a whole new light doesn't it?

   Think about it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

THe Bimbo Bread Co! how Appropriate for Upper Macungie Township

Bimbo!! ( Click on the link for the Wikipedia definition). How appropriate for a municipal body (The Upper Macungie Township supervisors) that has whored irself at every opportunity to bring in companies to use a piece of warehouse space (built or not.) Isn't it ironic that the board of commissioners would decry the traffic increase brought about by one employer, AMAZON! yet approve an action that will bring several hundred bread trucks into the community evey day? Will Bimbo pay for a traffic light as Amazon did?
  Read all about it for FREE. here!
   I am happy for the jobs, but I understand that Bimbo's New Jersey facility might be losing jobs. I am still checking on that. If that is the case. how many new jobs are actually being created, and not transferred?
  Why can't the mainstream media do some fact checling and reporting on their own?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lehigh County Commissioners are a Tea Party version of the Walking Dead

   I love The Lehigh County Commissioners. The Tea party fearsome Foursome (Ott, Scheller, Mazziotti, and Schware) have stayed true to their ideology, while Mr Creighton votes with them merely to try and save himself from a primary challenger.
    BAD Brad OSBORNE! Shame on you for putting the good of all LEHIGH County residents ahead of political propaganda. Vic Mazziotti showed you! So now Lisa Scheller, er, Mrs Wayne Woodman, is the chair. The bad news for Tom Creighton is that the Tea party gang has not, and never will forget that you convinced them to make Bill Hansell the County Executive. Just ask Brad Osborne about their punitive side.
    Mr Creighton doesn't want to believe it, but I'm betting Wayne Woodman has somebody lined up to challenge him in the primary. (The initials D.J. possibly?) Percy Daugherty knows what is coming, but I'm betting Percy wins anyway, in both the primary and the General. And don't be surprised if Stan Bielecki gets involved in what has been redistricted as David Jones seat.

   The thing is, Mike Schware is vulnerable as his district is now constituted. And with Bill Leinart running for Creighton's seat, that puts it in play, because if an extreme tea party player wins the primary, it makes the general a hell of a lot more viable for Democrats.

   Wayne Woodman is trying to purge his party of anybody he doesn't see as a true believer, and in the process, may actually hurt their overall chances.

   Rumor has it that Wayne has actually approached current Lower Mac Supervisor (and SUPER REALTOR!) Ryan Conrad about running for Executive, and been rebuffed. I had heard that Lisa Scheller wasn't all that interested in being Executive or Commissioner's chair, but now she is the latter.
    Insiders downtown tell me that Scott ott has no intention of running for exec, but in this upside down world, I'm going to wait until all the petitions are filed to believe it.
     One last name I heard was Ryan McKenzie, but I don't think he would do it, it is beneath his station in life. I can't see mr Harvard doing it, at least while he is still listing his voting address as his mom's house.

     So that's where it sits for now, we have the Lehigh County Commissioners agenda controlled by 4 ideologically driven citizens who put ideology over practicality and governing for the good of all, plus one R commissioner who wants to stay on their good side.

  Watching all the shifting alliances makes me think of my favorite TV show, "The Walking Dead"
  Draw your on Conclusions on which character is which, But I see Mazziotti as the Governor's doctor who thinks the dead are still people, Woodman as the unelected Governor, and Scheller as Andrea, Ott is likely Merle and Schware is his brother Darryl. Unfortunately the Prison folk don't leave me much to choose from our resident Dems. I guess we will have to see who steps into what role in the coming weeks.