Thursday, March 28, 2013

Upon Further review.....

This is not the NFL, but earlier today I had evidence presented to me concerning my dismissal of one particular signature as invalid. Upon checking the 22 signatures I had categorized as completely invalid, I was able to find THREE that were valid. This still leaves the petitions short of the requirement, but that is a moot point, as it can not be revisited and the issue now is A) whether or not Miss Velez, as a candidate, felt intimidated or coerced to withdraw, or B) did the Lehigh County Voter registration office follow correct procedures in processing that withdrawal?
    Tim Benyo has always been a stickler for following the law, but after reading the complaint by Attorney Platt, it is fair to say there is a question of whether the process as it was carried out was in exact compliance with the appropriate laws. There is some gray area there, and that is why we have judges.

      As for calls for the head of Attorney Tim Brennan, there is no accusation at all in Attorney Platt's complaint that Brennan acted improperly. Mr Platt laid out the events and conversations in a precise timeline as provided by Miss Velez. After reading Miss Velez own account in the court documents, it is obvious she was more intimidated by the possibility of experiencing the challenge process than anything else. It is a scary thing running for office the first time, and she didn't have a support network of experienced people behind her to advise her. I have a feeling that once she gets back on the ballot, more than a few folks will reach out to give her a hand.

   Once again, Attorney Platt has wisely made the issue about a candidate that felt intimidated and possible perceived flaws in the withdrawal process. The validity of the petitions does not matter. It is all about undoing an act that undermines the electoral/ballot process, that is, Miss Velez' withdrawal under honest and understandable duress as a first time candidate unfamiliar with the process as a whole. She should not be punished for that..