Thursday, March 7, 2013

A great article on the Tom Corbett/Jerry Sandusky Money Trail.

   I have had recent conversations with Republican friends who call our newly elected Attorney General Kathleen many disparaging names. Many feel that her investigations into Governor Tom Corbett's lack of investigation into Jerry Sandusky serial child molesting is politically motivated, and that there is NO CAUSE for an investigation.
    I respectfully disagree.

   PLease read the article on the Link I have posted. I may never shop or purchase fuel at a SHEETZ ever again. The article details how Second Mile Board members "Laundered" their donations to Tom Corbett to the tune of at least $600,000. You have to wonder why mainstream media is not asking these questions or calling the Governor on the carpet.

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  1. Because Governor Corbett had no trouble signing the law that paid for the $ 177.1 million dollar Pawlowski Palace of Sport, that's why.

    Joe Paterno is dead. Jerry Sandusky is in jail for life. Tom Corbett is toast in the next election.

    All three of these things are fact. So, relax --- Obamacare is the Law of the Land and Big Ten hockey starts next season!



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