Thursday, April 11, 2013

Velez is on, but not for the reason I thought.

     I thought Kim Velez would get back on the ballot because of a technicality in the withdrawal process. But Judge Varrichio, after hearing all the evidence of what transpired, ruled that it was reasonable to believe that Kim Velez withdrew under duress, and gave everybody an out. I have already made my argument concerning her signatures, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that the true spirit of Democracy was served.
     You may not like the rules of electioneering as they exist, but they were played by all sides in this to the hilt. Mike Fleck did not do anything illegal. Tim Brennan did what his client asked him to do. Kim Velez is back on the ballot.
    Judge all of them however you want, but Miss Velez still has to get her message out and get more than 2500 Allentown Democratic Voters to push that on screen button next to her name.
    She has six weeks, and as I do all candidates, I wish her well.


  1. I would judge the actions of Mr.Fleck and Mr. Brennan on face value.What is it about Ms. Velez that strikes fear in Allentown's ruling class

    1. I'm not going to reply to your judgement of Mr. Flek and Mr Brennan, but I will state that the evidence is clear that Velez will hurt Guridy and Mota with their ethnic base. I understand the motives, even if I don't like them. What it says is that Guridy and Mota are worried that they can't stand on their own to face the electorate.
      They hired Mike Fleck to address their issues and he is doing that. I don't blame a guy for doing what he is paid to do. It is up to the candidates to sell themselves to the voters. Let's see who is better at marketing.

  2. chris, did guridy and mota really hire fleck, or did pawlowski hire and pay him for them and their steadfast unquestioning support. as to who's better at marketing, certainly pawlowski has virtually unlimited money to spend on his slate. but, never the less, as you know, not that many voters need be energized....

  3. Chris, Thank you for explaining to me the importance of Mr.Guridy's and Ms.Mota's ethnic base to their re-election chances.I would never have thought ethnic backgrounds would be such a major consideration in a progressive city such as Allentown. I never knew race and ethnicity were so important to the New Democratic Party leaders.Never thought Mr.Brennan did any thing illegal but I guess Mr. Brennan was taking no chances by hiring an attorney.

  4. Campaign finance reports show that Ms Mota and Mr Guridy as well as mayor Pawlowski have paid Fleck consulting for campaign services. There is no itemized list saying a certain amount was dedicated to removing Miss Velez from the ballot.
    I also don't have a crystal ball telling me who paid who to do what. I wrote that once it got into court and testimony started being given, we would all know for sure. What I think went down, and what actually happened could be two different things.
    I can only attest to what I personally know as fact.


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