Saturday, January 4, 2014

It has been an interesting 60 days.....

   Since I last posted. That is what happens when you work for an employer that mandates 6 day, 60 hour work weeks and makes a big deal out of giving you one day off, like it is a big favor. But it is a job, so I should be thankful.
    But what I am really thankful for, are the wonderful publicity hound politicians that populate our world, near and far.
    Starting close to home, the man who spread more Bull $H#T than anyone in Northampton County History, Ron Angle, has angered his neighbors by spreading human waste to fertilize his farmland. If I know Ron, he didn't buy it from a supplier, he likely drained it from his own septic system to keep it from bursting from holding his family's lifetime supply.

     Statewide, between Fracking, attempting to privatize the Lottery and the State Liquor Stores, has there ever been a bigger failure of a Governor than Tom Corbett? The Price of gas went up a wee bit on the first of the year, forcing regular citizens to pay more, while Frackers still don't pay anywhere near their fair share as they continue to destroy Pennsylvania's watershed and environment. Thanks TOM! I suppose you figure it will all even out when we can get gas from our tap, but by that time, it will likely be cheaper to buy water by the bottle from WaWa than the Lehigh County Authority.

     Let us talk about Marriage:

      Anybody besides me see the total irony in that Same Sex couples are getting marriage licenses in Utah, the state that has fought to downplay the fact that Polygamy kind of sort of takes place out there? Can you imagine the issue if a man wanted  three MALE wives, or a woman multiple FEMALE husbands?
      Just goes to show that the bigots should be careful what they are hating on, it just may come back to bite them in the ass in a way they never thought about.
     For the record, I think government should recognize all marriages, but churches should have the right to exercise their beliefs, for or against.

      One more thing that is on my mind.

       Amazon wants the FAA to eventually approve their flying drones, mini aircraft that will deliver packages throughout a metropolitan area. I don't know if it will happen, but I will say this: They are fooling themselves if they think they can deliver everywhere. The drones are to fly at lower than 400 feet altitude, and I can say with certainty that certain aspects of the populace are going to see those things flying by, whip out their firearms, and pretend they are shooting at targets in a carnival game. I can see gangs staking out flight paths between the Amazon launch site and certain high income neighborhoods just to bring them down.

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  1. LOL! Welcome back! We all know who baited you out of "retirement" (again). Woof, woof. Pavlov! LMAO!


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