Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lehigh County Commissioners would be right at home in North Korea.

On Wednesday, there was a meeting of the Lehigh County Commissioners. At that meeting, they discussed repealing a resolution to put a term limits initiative for County Officeholders on the ballot in November. One of their reasons was that there would be too many uninformed voters participating this year because of the Presidential election.
      SAY WHAT?
      I always thought having more eligible voters involved in making a decision was a good thing, but the 8 to 1 Republican Commissioner majority doesn't want the 35,000 voter registration majority of the Democrats to have their fair say.
     That's sort of like the President of North Korea only holding elections when he knows he will win, dontcha think?
    I find it amazing that the "REFORM" gang of Three plus their allies are so open about their efforts to suppress any opportunity for the people to use their voice at the ballot box. How Ironic that people like Scott Ott who profess to be such devout supporters of the Constitution would so willingly act to subvert the intent of it.
   So much for Democracy. I guess they only believe in it when it only serves their means. Elections are only good things when the outcome is what you want. Welcome to the People's Republic of Lehigh County, ruled by 8 Republicans who don't want any ballot initiatives that would challenge their benign dictatorship by committee.  Maybe they admired how Saddam Hussein ran Iraq after all. They sure are acting a bit like the Ba'athist party did, excluding the rival religious sects from power.

   It should be noted that the referendum would allow present Executive Don Cunningham to run for a third term, something Commissioner Vice Chairman for life wannabe Scott Ott just can't have.

    Some reform team Ott, Mazziotti and Scheller have proved to be.  It looks like they have the "Incumbent Protection Plan"  all figured out. Same old political games, but they all have an "R" by their names.

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