Thursday, March 21, 2013

Okay, so now it is an 8 person race for Allentown City Council

I have to tell you, this Kim Velez thing is troubling,What you need to kmow is that Jim Davis is running unopposed for a two year term (finishing Frank Concannon's term, who now lives at Country Meadows in Upper Macungie). It is eight people running for four seats, now that Kim Velez has imploded.
   Velez Running fractured what was already a minimal hispanic vote, her not running gives Mota or Guridy a shot at coming in fourth. But not both of them. The Hispanic electorate makes up close to 30% of the inner city Dem electorate. Too Bad their turnout averages less than 5 % in the primary.  Good bye Julio!
I am running it all again with only 8 candidates. If I could predict I would say Davis is obviously a shoe in, and that O'Connell and Glazier will win 4 year terms. As for the rest, Todd will win and the rest is too close to call. More to come after I re run the parameters without Velez in the ballot..

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  1. could Velez's participation (if she gets back on the ballot) jeopardize any of the the three of them from winning (Cynthia, Julio, Kim)? It would seem that Julio is a long shot, Cynthia not far behind but if she loses any of the Hispanic vote to Kim and Kim doesn't actually win the seat - that could mean a whole different top 4, right?


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