Friday, August 23, 2013

Not Neccesarily the news....or is it?

         If you ever want to read a great story on just how all the media goes about manipulating us read this story about how ESPN uses questionable stories to create a news cycle about an issue that has no importance whatsoever. ESPN created a BULLSH#T story about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick completely out of thin air.
        And what should really get you thinking about the mainstream media is a news story today that NBC Television has an episode of "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" coming out this fall that has a White Chef based character based on Paula Deen, shooting an unarmed young Black man who she perceives as following her on the street. NBC admits the young black man character is based on Trayvon Martin, who was unarmed when killed by George Zimmerman in Florida last year. They are even PROMOTING the episode already. Read about it here.
        So we have one national media outlet creating news, and another using news to create so called "Fiction." 
   Am I the only one to wonder just how blurred the lines really are? NBC is plainly smushing together two real events to create a fictional story that will raise ratings for a show and earn them money.
   Meanwhile, ESPN is using real people to create events and situations that are really nothing but the opinions of their sport personalities to drive a news story they created, raise ratings, and create revenue.
         So what is news, and what isn't? Can anybody tell the difference anymore? What is news, and what is not?


  1. This is why I don't trust any mainstream news source.

  2. They dilute everything with mindless drivel so we don't pay attention to the stuff that matters.

  3. I always thought this kind of thinking was paranoia. That people were looking for ways to find fault with mainstream media coverage and scream about injustice.
    Then I first-hand witnessed how this plays out, how the truth behind something being reported as "fact" never makes the newspaper.
    I realized then that if it's true for me, in my little incident, it's true everywhere. If it doesn't fit the narrative, it doesn't get reported. I believe it because I lived it.

    1. Renee, I have grown increasingly suspicious of the news coverage, but as the writer of the Jaworski/Kapaernick piece laid out the chain of events of how that story evolved, any doubts I had about what drives the news media were erased. It also made it easier for me to understand why so many former media people like you became so disenchanted with it.

  4. I've been laughing at the Lame Stream Media a long time now, it all started during the Clinton years, to be quite frank ... and I never listened to Ron Jaworski in the first place. What the heck does "he gets coached hard" mean? That sounds a bit too Sanduskyish to me so I probably don't need to know.

    National Barack Channel can have fun with their little TV show and their continued obvious attempts to divide America along racial lines ... I bet the Harvard professor and some cops acting stupidly will be watching. Probably Delbert Belton's family and friends, as well.



    1. Rolf, The "National Barack Chanel?" Really?! That's pretty damn funny!


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