Saturday, August 24, 2013

So Friday, I get a call from my Congressman Charlie Dent

  Yes it was an automated call, but it was a call. It invited me to come to the railroad station in Kutztown at 1:00 PM on Monday, August 26th for a Town Hall meeting. It is taking place at the Railroad station in the 100 block of Railroad street. I am a registered Democrat, my Congressman is a Republican. But my Congressman is also the rightfully, legally elected representative of Pennsylvania's 15th Congressional district, and I respect him. I do wish we had a member of my political party as a representative, but I respect the opinion of my neighbors, and I respect Mr. Dent. I have approached Mr. Dent and his office numerous time with issues that are personal to many of my fellow veterans, and he and his office has always done their best to resolve them. I honestly believe that Mr. Dent is not a "PARTISAN" member of Congress. He represents ALL the people of the 15th fairly. There are times I wish he were more in tune with my views, especially when it comes to healthcare, but I will not disparage a man who takes the time to hear and discuss differing points of view.
    Anyway, Monday, August 26th, there is a Town Hall meeting with our Congressman in Kutztown. I encourage all of you to go, because I will be hard at work in a warehouse, earning money to pay my share of our staggering debt.


  1. How special to get a robo call from a politico, your indeed a VIP.

  2. Why do I want to vote for Democrat Lite when I can have an actual Democrat?

    I've had enough of get-along-to-go-along Charlie Dent. Just exactly HOW LONG has Charlie Dent been in public office anyway? The Founding Fathers were NOT into career politicians.

    I don't need a guy who tells me Obamacare is "fatally flawed" but yet continues to do absolutely nothing about getting rid of the very same destructive law.

    I sincerely would be much happier to listen to any old Democrat tell me how wonderful Obamacare is. How I can keep my doctor if I like him, etc. How Obamacare is stimulating the economy. Yack, yack, yack.

    Sorry, Charlie (not).



  3. By the way, just exactly HOW is it that the United States even has such a "staggering debt" anyway?

    Just exactly HOW MUCH has the U.S. national debt INCREASED since the transformational BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA took office five years ago or so?

    Do YOU (aimed at no one specifically, of course) think that Big Government needs to learn to start living within its means (like all the rest of us in the Real World have to) ...

    or do YOU think that "the Rich" simply just aren't paying their "fair share"?

    Ideology matters ... Policy decisions matter ... Elections matter.




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