Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dennis Pearson: Allentown Mayoral Candidate.....Really?

From Time to Time, I get some stuff in the rumor mill that makes me blink. The most recent is that East Allentown/Rittersville Neighborhood Association President Dennis Pearson is considering the possibility of challenging current Mayor Ed Pawlowski in the primary.

   Now Stop Laughing. I know you are laughing, STOP IT!

   Okay, you stopped. Now think about it. Dennis has been a community activists for decades. He has run unsuccessfully for State Representatice and an at large County Commissioners seat, and he does have name recognition. He has lived in Allentown all his life, and he does know the ins and outs on just about every local issue.

   But really, could you imagine how a debate between Mator Pawlowski and Dennis Pearson might play out?! I honest to God wish I lived in Allentown so I could sign a nominating petition for Pearson. He might not have a snowball's chance in hell of winning, but by God, it sure as hell would be entertaining!


  1. If he did get elected, can you imagine his State of the City sessions?

    1. Oh yeah. Dennis has a heart of Gold, and means well, but him as Mayor would be something right out of a Sitcom.

  2. What, we don't have a sitcom already?

  3. Why not? Somebody who cares about the city he lives in, rather than lining his pockets?


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