Friday, January 18, 2013

What should Governor Corbett Privatize next?

      Tom Corbett doesn't want to be the first governor in over 40 years to only serve one term. He doesn't want to be remembered as "FRACKING TOM CORBETT!" decades from now when Pennsylvania's tap water is so contaminated you can use it as lighter fluid.
      Nor does he want to be remembered as the guy who as Attorney General took his sweet time going about investigating convicted serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky, and literally killing Joe Paterno.
      Also, Governor Corbett took a lot of campaign contributions from people who had agendas, and if he does get voted out, time is short to meet those obligations.

    So our Governor has strongarmed through a deal to privatize the Lottery. The only stop gap in front of him is that his Successor as elected Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, gets an opportunity to review what has now been pointed out to a possibly not so beneficial financial deal for Pennsylvania. We are going to have to see how that plays out.

    But while the Lottery Soap opera plays, the Governor has put out a Spin off show several years in development, SELL THE LIQUOR STORES!
    I really don't know how I feel about this, I grew up in the Midwest where you can buy Vodka in the grocery store, and beer at the gas station, and I kind of miss that.

    But my main point is that it seems the Governor wants to privatize anything he can to make a buck.
    So I have a suggestion: Why not just privatize all of government, elected officials and all jobs? We could outsource it to the far east like everything else and save Billions. No more crisis with the public employees retirement system!
    I'm sure there is a Company somewhere overseas that could import laborers willing to work for a dollar a day.

     By now you have to realize I am not serious, and I am making light of the stuation.
    The truth is I want the residents of Pennsylvania to wake up and take a look at what the elected legislature, controlled by one party, and their elected Governor, of that same party are doing. We need to ask ourselves if this is what  WE THE PEOPLE of Pennsylvania truly want, or what people of a ideology bent on enforcing their will on a majority through decades of gerrymandering want.

   I ask my fellow voters: Is selling the Lottery and Liquor stores at the top of your priorities for our Government? I always thought it was about better management, not selling of the crown jewels for a short term fix. But that is what it looks like.


  1. Prior to the lottery being privatized, it didn't seem to garner the press that the liquor stores receive. That might be because the liquor stores employ many more people than the lottery system did. Anyway, the whole lottery privatization seemed to get steamrolled very quickly. Actually, too quickly. Even if Corbett followed proper procedure (which I highly doubt) the whole privatization of the lottery system just seems like it was wrong. Obviously, it seemed too fast and it didn't get a lot of airplay from us citizens. And from today's papers, it doesn't seem like the State gained anything (actually might have lost some $$$) by going to a private company. Government (whether Democrat or Republican) as of lately, just doesn't seem like it has the best interest of anyone except big business and unions. And I don't like it. If we don't pay for these problems and oversights now, our future generations are going to have to clean up an awfully big mess. May God help us!

  2. State store privatization is ok with me. Issue has been discussed, we know the pros and cons. Illinois and Indiana have privatized lottery. Illinois is a disaster. Why are we risiking this without giving proper vetting? Corbett has approached this behind closed doors causing me to think he is hiding something. Corbett needs to be more forthcoming and sell this idea to the public

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  4. Lottery and Liquor stores . . . our crown jewels

    Holy crap man, I think you've lost it:-)


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