Thursday, January 17, 2013

PA State Senator Daylin Leach Suspects that some of his colleagues are smoking Pot

I just love our state legislature. A few years back I tried to get a job there, bur I failed. Still, it seems to be one of the most funfilled places in America for doing mischief and getting away with it.

   Yesterday on a radio show, State Senator Daylin Leach, a guy known for a wicked sense of humor, told the interviewer that he suspected a number of our elected representatives are users of marijuana.
   Read all about his comedy HERE.

   Now we all know those rascals are not above midnight pay raises, sweet heart car leasing deals, and giving themselves the best health care anyware, while restricting care for kids living in poverty.
    So why the uproar over the idea that a few might be using a little wacky tobaccy?

    We have had several of our local legislators get a DUI (or two or three) Remember Rep Thomas Druce from Bucks County and his vehicular homicide that he tried to cover up?. In 2005 We had a state rep claim he took the midnight pay raise so he could replace his furnace. (We promoted him to Judge, because he did pay it back.)

    I could go on and on, but it has occurred to me that the legislature might have a higher percentage of criminals than the general population. Maybe the next time we need a new state prison we could just convert a building on the State house grounds? With their generous health plan, we might even offer them medicinal marijuana to help them cope with their terms, be it in the legislature or prison, or maybe both simultaneously. I'm sure John Perzel, Vince Fumo, Mike Veon, and Bill Deweese would be okay with it.

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