Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lehigh County Commissioners are a Tea Party version of the Walking Dead

   I love The Lehigh County Commissioners. The Tea party fearsome Foursome (Ott, Scheller, Mazziotti, and Schware) have stayed true to their ideology, while Mr Creighton votes with them merely to try and save himself from a primary challenger.
    BAD Brad OSBORNE! Shame on you for putting the good of all LEHIGH County residents ahead of political propaganda. Vic Mazziotti showed you! So now Lisa Scheller, er, Mrs Wayne Woodman, is the chair. The bad news for Tom Creighton is that the Tea party gang has not, and never will forget that you convinced them to make Bill Hansell the County Executive. Just ask Brad Osborne about their punitive side.
    Mr Creighton doesn't want to believe it, but I'm betting Wayne Woodman has somebody lined up to challenge him in the primary. (The initials D.J. possibly?) Percy Daugherty knows what is coming, but I'm betting Percy wins anyway, in both the primary and the General. And don't be surprised if Stan Bielecki gets involved in what has been redistricted as David Jones seat.

   The thing is, Mike Schware is vulnerable as his district is now constituted. And with Bill Leinart running for Creighton's seat, that puts it in play, because if an extreme tea party player wins the primary, it makes the general a hell of a lot more viable for Democrats.

   Wayne Woodman is trying to purge his party of anybody he doesn't see as a true believer, and in the process, may actually hurt their overall chances.

   Rumor has it that Wayne has actually approached current Lower Mac Supervisor (and SUPER REALTOR!) Ryan Conrad about running for Executive, and been rebuffed. I had heard that Lisa Scheller wasn't all that interested in being Executive or Commissioner's chair, but now she is the latter.
    Insiders downtown tell me that Scott ott has no intention of running for exec, but in this upside down world, I'm going to wait until all the petitions are filed to believe it.
     One last name I heard was Ryan McKenzie, but I don't think he would do it, it is beneath his station in life. I can't see mr Harvard doing it, at least while he is still listing his voting address as his mom's house.

     So that's where it sits for now, we have the Lehigh County Commissioners agenda controlled by 4 ideologically driven citizens who put ideology over practicality and governing for the good of all, plus one R commissioner who wants to stay on their good side.

  Watching all the shifting alliances makes me think of my favorite TV show, "The Walking Dead"
  Draw your on Conclusions on which character is which, But I see Mazziotti as the Governor's doctor who thinks the dead are still people, Woodman as the unelected Governor, and Scheller as Andrea, Ott is likely Merle and Schware is his brother Darryl. Unfortunately the Prison folk don't leave me much to choose from our resident Dems. I guess we will have to see who steps into what role in the coming weeks.


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