Wednesday, January 9, 2013

THe Bimbo Bread Co! how Appropriate for Upper Macungie Township

Bimbo!! ( Click on the link for the Wikipedia definition). How appropriate for a municipal body (The Upper Macungie Township supervisors) that has whored irself at every opportunity to bring in companies to use a piece of warehouse space (built or not.) Isn't it ironic that the board of commissioners would decry the traffic increase brought about by one employer, AMAZON! yet approve an action that will bring several hundred bread trucks into the community evey day? Will Bimbo pay for a traffic light as Amazon did?
  Read all about it for FREE. here!
   I am happy for the jobs, but I understand that Bimbo's New Jersey facility might be losing jobs. I am still checking on that. If that is the case. how many new jobs are actually being created, and not transferred?
  Why can't the mainstream media do some fact checling and reporting on their own?

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