Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If I were the candidate running against Scott Ott for executive.....

   I would have a piece in the mail today highlighting his views on the Terrorist attack on Boston. If I were Dean Browning, who happens to be vying with Ott for the Republican County Executive nomination, I would send a copy of Ott's Post to every Lehigh County Republican Party Committee member and ask that they condemn it. I would also create a campaign mailer targeting supervoter vets and your true believer Republicans.
   If they give Scott Ott the nomination after this, it will be a kiss of death for R's across the county at any level. Because I guarantee you, Come November the Democratic party will make sure every Democrat in the County will know about Scott Ott and more will go to the polls to support their candidate over OTT than recent memory. We could see Cunningham over Ervin like turnout.
   Tom Muller is a good candidate, and knows how to manage. Scott Ott knows how to insult them. What do you think voters will do with that kind of choice in November?


  1. George SchellerMay 4, 2013 at 1:23 AM

    You can't take Chris Casey seriously. I was debating with Dean Browning on his facebook and Chris posts this at me. George you are just being argumentative and disrespectful. Perhaps you should contemplate that while collecting the carts at the walmart parking lot.
    For starters I am no longer a cartpusher. I am now a well paid 19 dollars an hour Logistics worker at the walmart grocery distribution center near Pottsville. The other thing is why does he attack me on the fact I was a cartpusher. He couldn't think of a better thing to strike me on. This man is a total leftest attack moron. Mr. Casey if you want to play hardball with me I can oblige. You call my good friend Scott Ott a worthless piece of crap. That is completely inhumane. I say anyone who calls someone a worthless piece of crap is a worthless piece of crap themselves. Sir you are Pathetic.

    1. Hi George. Congratulations on your promotion. I appreciate your ambition. I never said Scott was worthless,, those are your words. So own them. I merely quoted Scott's own words on his blog. And you attack me for it. You are in over your head George. You are trying to divert attention away from your own arguments lack of merit. I point to Scott's own word in context and you take Mr Brownings and twist the truth to suit your own ends.
      I find it odd that you called Scott a worthless piece of crap. I thought he was your friend. The above post points out that Scott made light of a national tragedy. If you support that, then you should question your own lack of empathy for your fellow Americans.

  2. George SchellerMay 4, 2013 at 1:40 AM

    Please note Scott does not know about or endorse the previous comment. It was me alone. Scott is a very nice person and if anything he would ask me to tone it down a bit.

    1. George that doesn't matter. It is your comment, and you own it. You are not guilty of association, just guilty of typing before thinking.

  3. George SchellerMay 8, 2013 at 9:34 PM

    Chris this is a quote from your earlier post.
    It is my humble opinion that he is a heartless piece of CRAP.
    I would never call Scott or Dean that.

  4. Well Gorge, Dean doesn't have the lack of empathy towards the victims of a tragedy that Scott does. Tell you what George, why don't you drive up to Boston and Ask them if they think Scott's blog is funny? There are topics for humor, bombs that kill young children is not one of them.


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