Monday, April 22, 2013

Scott Ott's take on the Boston Marathon bombing FOR REAL

  Last Monday was a dark day in American history. But Scott Ott found the humor in it. I was born in Boston. Numerous members of my family live there, and my Uncle had a heart valve replacement Wednesday at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. The same hospital where many of the bombing victims and now the lone surviving suspect are currently being cared for.

   Read Scott Ott's mind numbingly insensitive humor post from his Scrappleface blog here.

  What Mister Ott has written about my hometown makes me angry. It is my humble opinion that he is a heartless piece of CRAP. But I think you readers should read his post, and make your own decisions.

   Terrorist Bombings of American Cities are not funny. PERIOD.


  1. Casey, Most people reading the Ott piece you refer to realize he is satirizing the terrorists and not the good people of Boston. Ott is essentially asking the question...What did the terrorists expect to happen? Did they really think the city would quietly surrender...thus the comment about on to Braintree. You once again demonstrate either a complete lack of satirical sense or an intention to twist a set of facts to fit a preconceived conclusion. As a paid hack and whore for establishment politicos it is probably a little of both. BTW....No legitimate news organization will pick this up because it isnt news. Trying to turn intentional satire into a serious news item is as ridiculous as your past writings where you just make things up and pose the question...Could it be true? The only thing that will happen with this garbage is a sharing among blogging echo chambers. If you were at all serious you would contact Ott for comment. That probably isnt in your contract with whoever is paying you. BTW, is that Muller, Browning or the Dems? Do sleazy bloggers have an obligation to disclose the source of the money they are paid to write crap like this? The public wants to know. Now thats newsworthy....a blogger who pretends to be outraged when the only reason hes blogging on the topic is because he is being paid to do so. You are turning into a bad infomercial....and thats not all!

    1. 1. Look up the definition of satire-Ott's post is not satirical. And if you really want to argue that it is, then he is satirizing 2 terrorists days after they just killed and maimed Americans. Real classy.

      2.I would call his posts tabloid trash but the editors of the lowest tabloids would turn away the dreck he posts.

      3. No, the terrorists did not think Boston would surrender. That is why they are called terrorists. If Boston would surrender, the terrorists would be called conquerors. They didn't try to get Boston to surrender so they are terrorists. This so called satire as no basis in reality.

      4. Ott is an elected official of 350,000 residents and wants to be the County Executive. This shows a lack of compassion and I doubt many Lehigh county residents would want to be represented by a man who thinks the subject of a violent bombing is ripe for "satirical" posts.

      5. Plain and simple, Ott is not funny. That is why his books sell for 99 cents on Amazon. He's running for County Executive because he needs a job that will pay the bills. He says he is running because he cares, and maybe he does, but the ultimate motive is money like it is too often in life. He is a phony.

    2. I don't make things up. It is why I post so sparingly. Two days after an American tragedy he posted this. So Anon, why don't you go read this post to one of the victims or their family and see if they laugh.
      It isn't funny, and shows a great disrespect of others that he sees as beneath him. Go ahead and attack me, you can't defend your boy Ott. And really his humor is juvenile, much like that of an immature little boy.


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